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It explains the terms and process involved in the programmatic advertisement.  ... Read More

It explains the usage of the ads.txt file to declare the authorized digital sellers and explains all the four fields required to define the ad seller with an ad network or ad exchange for a site.  ... Read More

It lists the advanced search operators to perform advanced search operations using Google Search.  ... Read More

Provides a list of data types available in MySQL with the limitations for each data type.  ... Read More

Provides a list of the popular information security tools with their usage.  ... Read More

Provides a list of the most commonly used HTTP status codes.  ... Read More

Explains the different types of join operations that can be performed using Structured Query Language (SQL).  ... Read More

Explains the functionality of Observer Pattern to process the state change distributed by the Subject to it's registered listeners or observers.  ... Read More

List of commonly used hacking techniques by hackers.  ... Read More

Provides a list of all the popular and standard protocols with their definition and default port where applicable.  ... Read More

Provides a list of most common optimization techniques used to speed up the website load time resulting in faster websites.  ... Read More

Provides a list of major differences between functional and non-functional testing.  ... Read More

Lists the most common web application threats  ... Read More

Explains the various SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) phases involved in verification and validation model to simultaneously progress on development and testing of the underlying software.  ... Read More

List of the common mistakes done by the programmers at the beginners level.  ... Read More

A flowchart explaining the implementation of secure login using the combination of username, email, and mobile number.  ... Read More

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