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Provides a list of most common optimization techniques used to speed up the website load time resulting in faster websites.  ... Read More

Provides a list of major differences between functional and non-functional testing.  ... Read More

Lists the most common web application threats  ... Read More

Explains the various SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) phases involved in verification and validation model to simultaneously progress on development and testing of the underlying software.  ... Read More

List of the common mistakes done by the programmers at the beginners level.  ... Read More

A flowchart explaining the implementation of secure login using the combination of username, email, and mobile number.  ... Read More

A flowchart explaining the implementation of secure registration using the combination of username, email, and mobile number.  ... Read More

This post provides a list of differences between black box and white box testing.  ... Read More

This post shows a high-level comparison between Micro and Full-Stack frameworks with the explanation.  ... Read More

It explains the process to effectively handle web development specific projects. It list down the various stages and major activities involved in web application development.  ... Read More

How to write good and maintainable code considering the coding objective. We need to select appropriate tools to write good code.  ... Read More

This post list down the programming languages evolved over past few decades.  ... Read More

All the PHP based existing sites and application must upgrade to PHP 7.1 or newer to get regular security updates and utilize the newer features introduced by the programming language.    ... Read More

In this post, we are comparing manual testing and test automation considering timing, human effort, tools, training, and infrastructure as key factors to have high level idea about both type of testing.    ... Read More

Testing is must have for any kind of code written by us to ensure that it works well. Testing builds code confidence and adds reliability to the software developed by us. In this post, we will discuss the very basic flow of testing to ensure that our  ... Read More

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